[sword-devel] progress with 1.7.0 ?

Nic Carter niccarter at mac.com
Sun May 26 19:31:42 MST 2013

Heya all,

Just wondering where we're up to with 1.7.0? A couple of questions about it:

- default compiler settings for iOS (under Xcode) enable certain warnings. These caused the thml filters to throw a couple of hundred encoding warnings, and so I applied the patches that were emailed to the list last December and squashed them all. Was very cool. Did we have plans to apply those patches to SVN? As I keep my own copy of SVN inside my PocketSword HG this works fine for me, but how about for others? :)

- We have been talking about something along the lines of checking if a book is empty or not and incorporating that into the library. Is that a possibility for 1.7.0? Or is it more realistic for me to incorporate it into my Obj-C code for PocketSword and Eloquent? It seems several front-ends have this code already in them, so is it a matter of taking that and pushing it down into the lib or should we each implement it ourselves in the front-end code?

- It's cool seeing updates to the filters :) I was asked a while ago to implement the OSIS "underline" tag for underlining text. Is this something we wanted to incorporate into our filters or did I jump the gun and support an unsupported or deprecated tag? :) It was as easy to implement as the "super" and "sub" tags that Troy recently added. :)

Thanks heaps, ybic
	nic...  :)

PS: as usual, let me know what I can do to help with this stuff progressing. :) Tricky with lack of time, as with everyone else here :)

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