[sword-devel] Synodal versification & IBT modules?

John Austin gpl.programs.info at gmail.com
Mon May 13 05:16:13 MST 2013

On 05/13/2013 05:34 PM, Костя Маслюк wrote:
> No need to introduce new functions because last chapter would be always
> calculated via getChapterMax().

I think that getChapterMax returns the maximum chapter in the verse 
system. But we still need something like lastChapterPresent to return 
the maximum chapter present in the module (which may be less than what 
getChapterMax returns).

> Here is list of *difficult cases* of deuterocanonical content in Synodal
> v11n
> Dan.3.24-3.90 Prov.14.13 Prov.18.8
> Here deuterocanonical text is inside of chapter... In text without
> deuterocaninical content we would have a hole, if we fill hole we got
> v11n mappings mismatch until the rest of chapter.
> + i didn't checked last verses across the Bible, such cases exists at
> least in Proverbs, but those are easy to process.
> Deuterocanonical Chapters
> Dan.13 Dan.14 Ps.151

Besides the deuterocanonical books, the following should be the compete 
list of all that is considered deuterocanonical in the Synodal v11n. All 
these verse segments represent either entire chapters which are located 
at the end of their book, or else are the end portion of a chapter.

<div type="x-Synodal-non-canonical"><verse sID="Josh.24.34-36"/><verse 

<div type="x-Synodal-non-canonical"><chapter osisID="Ps.151"><verse 
sID="Ps.151.1-7"/><verse eID="Ps.151.1-7"/></chapter></div>

<div type="x-Synodal-non-canonical"><verse sID="Prov.4.28-29"/><verse 

<div type="x-Synodal-non-canonical"><verse sID="Prov.13.26"/><verse 

<div type="x-Synodal-non-canonical"><verse sID="Prov.18.25"/><verse 

<div type="x-Synodal-non-canonical"><verse sID="Dan.3.34-100"/><verse 

<div type="x-Synodal-non-canonical"><chapter osisID="Dan.13"><verse 
sID="Dan.13.1-64"/><verse eID="Dan.13.1-64"/></chapter></div>

<div type="x-Synodal-non-canonical"><chapter osisID="Dan.14"><verse 
sID="Dan.14.1-42"/><verse eID="Dan.14.1-42"/></chapter></div>

> *Correct amount of verses*
> Frontend should always show correct amount of verses and chapters, so i
> should always check existence of chapters/verses before display
> selection dialog. Another thing, that BibleTime Mini use
> Model-View-Controller pattern and i need to know exactly how many
> entries module contain. If it is ok to iterate with hasEntry() across a
> chapter, iterate across the module will be slow. Scope-feature would be
> good thing here, or alternative new Synodal v11n that consist of
> canonical content only. And third solution module-supplied-v11n feature
> - that was discussed earlier.
> *Need canonical only Russian module*
> As here was said in Russia deuterocaonical material is not considered as
> Godly-inspired, but useful for reading. And most of Russian Bibles (more
> than 90%) published without this material. I really would like to avoid
> new readers from this material to avoid confusion.
> Blessings
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