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What about kalemas' work on matching?

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So. Yeah...

I think we have all the 'bugs' fixed now. The last couple things to look at hopefully this weekend are spacing issues.

I know we've had a few threads I need to go back and read. What I could really use are a couple test cases to improve. Is there anything in our testsuite osis doc which causes odd spacing? Can we add something to it if not?

Thanks for all the help up to this point. Hoping this is the last stretch.


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On 11/03/2013, at 7:16 PM, Troy A. Griffitts <scribe at crosswire.org> wrote:Soon and very soon. I have no more showstoppers on my list. I'd love to hear feedback from frontends about the state of trunk. Apparently something is broken for Xiphos. Any other feedback?Did you want me to do any more work on the poetry indentation stuff? I can't remember the state we left this in? Perhaps have it a flaggable thing so it's off by default but then frontends can switch it on as they write code to handle it?sword-devel mailing list: sword-devel at crosswire.orghttp://www.crosswire.org/mailman/listinfo/sword-develInstructions to unsubscribe/change your settings at above page


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