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David Troidl DavidTroidl at aol.com
Fri Mar 1 06:41:09 MST 2013

Hi Philip,

On 2/28/2013 9:42 PM, Philip K wrote:
> I recently converted the OSMHB crosswire.org module to OSIS XML 
> format.  I would like to know what font should be used to display the 
> text in Hebrew?
Converting a SWORD module is not recommended.  You can download the 
original source files from here
> Currently the XML file is full of text such as this:
> <w lemma="strong:H7225">×'ְּרֵ×?ש×?Ö´Ö--×^(TM)ת</w>
What you are seeing is an encoding mismatch, probably trying to display 
UTF-8 as ANSI.  If you change the encoding in your text editor, it 
should show up fine.
> Can someone provide details on how to interpret and/or render the 
> characters to Hebrew?
As for a font, I would recommend SBL Hebrew:


> Thank you.
> Philip
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