[sword-devel] plain filters

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Sun Jun 23 04:18:58 MST 2013

Does anyone have an objection to the complete removal of the plain 

These are all kinds of bad. They essentially serve to style plaintext 
modules and toggle footnotes in plaintext modules, and they achieve this 
by making big assumptions that are unlikely to be correct today (though 
they might have been in 1999, when these were written).

For example, if you find {curly braces} in a plaintext module in 2013, 
it's unlikely to represent footnotes. We long ago move all such 
pseudo-markup systems to real markup formats.

The one useful feature (maybe?) is that <, >, and & are escaped by the 
PLAINHTML filter. But I'm fairly certain no one actually uses this 
filter in any front end, so even that is of no use in 2013.


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