[sword-devel] SWORD 1.7.0 final stretch

Mark Trompell mark at foresightlinux.org
Wed Jun 19 05:17:20 MST 2013

I would still like to have some feedback on attached patch to be able
to use -DLIB_SUFFIX=64 to make make install install to <prefix>/lib64.
Hardcoding lib is not good anyway, even if there might be better
solutions than the one in the patch. But at least the provided one
doesn't break existing buildscripts (unless they use s/lib$/lib64/ or

On Wed, Jun 19, 2013 at 10:45 AM, Troy A. Griffitts
<scribe at crosswire.org> wrote:
> Things have been quiet for a bit. I have all the patches in that are on my
> todo list. Anyone else have outstanding issues? Now is the time to speak up.
> Chris, any feedback on my Ralfs suggestion?
> Peter, still binding troubles? Can you give me your exact commands executed
> and I'll try them here.
> David, are you still worried about a mid-verse heading? Did you find one? I
> know there were a couple in the NASB, as that was the context for the
> conversation between Karl and I when it came up a while back, but can't
> remember where.
> Anything else? Let's push this to completion. I need your help.
> Troy
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