[sword-devel] Sword Node.js wrapper

Stephan info at tetzels.de
Sun Jun 16 05:25:17 MST 2013

Hi Chris,

thank you for your answer.

> In terms of Copyright/license, you fall under the "redistribution"
> category as far as I can tell. As a result, you will need to seek
> permission for all modules in the repository (apart from those that are
> public domain). Or at least, that's my understanding. Publishing content
> on the web is a form of redistribution. Normal Sword frontends benefit
> from the rights and permissions CrossWire has sought from the various
> Copyright holders.

The future web app will be an offline one. I only need the node.js 
wrapper to do the serialization. After you "install" a module in the web 
app it wil work without an internet connection. So is this also the 
"redistribution" category?

> In terms of accessing the raw OSIS XML, you can certainly do that with
> JSword, so I'd expect you could do something similar in Sword.

Can you give me some hints? If I use the OSIS Filter (FMT_OSIS) I don't 
get the raw OSIS content. I get OSIS XML, but without the text/body of a 
footnote e.g.

> BTW, just so that you are aware, STEP is a webapp and already exposes a
> JSON/Rest API and hopes to extend it further to support more use cases.
> It wraps around JSword, rather than Sword.

My plan is to build a REST API, too, but only to do the InstallMgr stuff 
and get the (raw) content of the module once to use it in a 
HTML/Javascript app.


> On 16 June 2013 11:33, Stephan <info at tetzels.de
> <mailto:info at tetzels.de>> wrote:
>     Hi,
>     in my spare time I develop a node.js libsword wrapper as a backend
>     for a future web app. The node.js wrapper will download the
>     requested module and serialize the data, so that a mobile javascript
>     app can handle it.
>     What should I keep in mind to avoid a licence/contribution issue
>     since the node.js app will hold a copy of all installed modules and
>     do some data serialization (get the content/attributes of a verse
>     key and convert it to JSON. The plain verse content will be on of
>     the sword filter output)?
>     Is there a way to access the raw content (like the underlying OSIS
>     XML) of a module through the sword engine?
>     Regards,
>     Stephan
>         I've started to work on a non-blocking nodejs wrapper for libsword.
>         you'll find the sources here:
>         https://github.com/zefanja/__sword-addon
>         <https://github.com/zefanja/sword-addon>
>         See app.js for how to use the API (in pre-alpha state...).
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