[sword-devel] mobile development update and invitation to participate

Костя Маслюк kostyamaslyuk at gmail.com
Fri Jun 14 03:26:55 MST 2013

You need to uninstall current version on BtMini and install latest one
again. It just found mods.d in working directory and do not go further.

Yes log does not contain information of why search index for ESV was
deleted. If it found index for i other modules i haven't clue about this,
for now.

The problem affects all GenBooks and Dictionaries(Devotionals, Lexicons),
and there is not obvious source of problem. Maybe sword core, maybe Symbian
do not zero-fy data on initialization, maybe something else. Other
platforms does not affected by this issue, maybe when i will testing
Windows Mobile with those modules, i got something. For now i just uploaded
version that whether crash or output incorrect data instead of eternal

To change default modules, open Module selection popup and make long press
and hold on the module that you would like to make default. Added some info
in Tips for this.

"correct behavior". This is BibleTime way to handle this things, you always
able to change default module, and getting data from module you most prefer


2013/6/14 Brian Schroeder <bschroeder �� internode.on.net>

> I am still unable to find the installed modules, but I was finally able to
> get hold of btlog.txt (it only shows up through Nokia's PC Suite).
> Attached, but probably not much use this time.
> However I am now unable again to add other modules. I open a new windows
> "Left", and press the "Modules" button which brings up the list of
> installed modules for me to choose from, but then the program freezes. If I
> leave it long enough it will eventually die completely.
> Also, how do I change the "default Bible module"? And why is this "correct
> behaviour" rather than using the 'current' Bible module?
> Brian.
> Костя Маслюк wrote:
>> 1. Good enough in my opinion
>> 2. Long press in search view mow follow passage, i have tested this on
>> desktop but on device this is slow. There is way to optimize this.
>> 3. This is strange, could you please send me privately log from
>> c:\btlog.txt ?
>> 4. I will make text black. "mini-night" is my favorite for now but i
>> prefer to leave "mini" by default.
>> 5. Ok, thanks. I would like to make it unostentatious, but make ot little
>> longer or intensive should be good.
>> 6. Because KJV is default Bible module, it is correct bevavior.
>> 9. GREAT! :^)
>> building packages for both platforms takes long enought time, and as well
>> S60 package works on ^3. ^3 have only webkit support that is experimental
>> anyway.
>> Will find the solution for your last statement. Many thanks for your help
>> and let God bless you both.
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