[sword-devel] Glosses vs Ruby

Nic Carter niccarter at mac.com
Wed Jun 12 20:31:02 MST 2013

Hi team,

I'm adding a feature requested for the ability to toggle "ruby" on and off in PS & I'm wondering what the official state of "ruby" is in SWORD? With 1.7.0 we have moved to "Glosses" (the conf file needs OSISGlosses in it), and so I am looking at moving to requiring modules to use OSISGlosses rather than OSISRuby for this toggle to work.

Are the Japanese modules (in beta) going to be updated to reflect this?

FYI, as this is a new feature for PS, I am happy to break backward-compatability with modules in "beta" (I'm mean like that!), so I don't actually know the reason for my email. Except to say, Ruby is dead, long live Glosses?  ;)

Thanks, ybic
	nic...  :)

ps: oh, and the wiki is out of date, I guess? http://crosswire.org/wiki/OSIS_Bibles#Marking_ruby_glosses
pps: I keep my own snapshots of SWORD, as there are no shared libraries on iOS, so all PS peeps are forced to use the version/snapshot of SWORD I bundle with the app. So I'll be releasing the next version of PS with whatever SVN is up to, including these glosses/ruby changes... :)

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