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Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Wed Jun 12 09:37:15 MST 2013

Hi Teus.

When I try to access one of the data files in the repo I get an unavailable error.


Maybe permissions?

Teus Benschop <teusjannette at gmail.com> wrote:

>Hi friends,
>I created a Sword module repository for a bibledit-web installation, so
>that the translators and consultants can regularly and easily update
>Sword front-ends on their computers and mobiles, and then always have
>newest Bible text being translated.
>However, I can't get it to work well.
>I read
>and pointed the anonymous root of the FTP server to the exported Sword
>In this case, the following details apply for the remote source:
>Type: FTP
>Host: bibleconsultants.dyndns.org
>Directory: /ShonaTeam/sword/basic-2
>I can enter this remote source in Xiphos, and then refresh the remote
>source, and then the ShonaTeam module appears in the category Bibles,
>language "Unknown".
>Trying to install this in Xiphos: It says: Failed.
>Trying to install this in BibleTime: It hangs forever during
>When downloading file ShonaTeam.zip, I can unzip it into ~/.sword on
>and the module will then be visible in Xiphos and BibleTime.
>I also tried $ tar czvf mods.d.tar.gz mods.d/* to create the modules
>tarball, but this made no difference.
>Is there something I am overlooking?
>What can I do more to fix it?
>Thank you,
>Teus Benschop
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