[sword-devel] mobile development update and invitation to participate

Konstantin Maslyuk kostyamaslyuk at gmail.com
Tue Jun 11 13:33:27 MST 2013

Hi, i have just uploaded new version. With some fixes to search, there  
really was crash when trying to search. And regarding to application  
becomes unresponsive when switching current module, it seem to be fixed  
too (i found that some modules in Crosswire repository still have such  
behavior in desktop BibleTime, at least for some glossaries).

On matter of long indexig time, could you say how it is long exactly? I  
have tested nokia 700 in Remote Device Access and it took 10 minutes to  
index KJV (do have you Belle Future Pack?, there is cpu speed up for your  
model afaik)

Regarding 2. i can not restart device in RDA, can you provide some  
information. From 0.9.3 indexes as well as modules will be stored in  
<installation drive>:\data\  in Bibletime\indecies and Sword folders  
respectively, log is always at c:\btlog.txt . So you may open it and look,  
and maybe indexes for ESV was removed as orphaned?

3. not sure, but ESV cross-references seems to not work properly. If link  
is marked properly and you have at least one Bible it should open  
following passage (you need default Bible configured, but it is configured  
automatically on first Bible installation, if not - bug).

Another features in this version are: vibration on Symbian devices (i have  
no way to test it, so i hope on your help), it vibrates twice: after  
second while you pressing the screen and after two seconds, this indicates  
different actions (context or service). General Book support (all module  
types are supported now), search in non-Bible modules.

5. added tips, hope that they are clear enough

6. made text box more obvious

8. this probably fixed stuff, report please if it persist anyway

Blessings, and many thanks for your report!

Brian Schroeder <bschroeder �� internode.on.net> писал(а) в своём письме Tue,  
11 Jun 2013 11:22:03 +0400:

> Hi Костя,
> I have spent a bit more time playing with BTM on my Nokia 701. On top of  
> the
> things that have already been discussed:
> 1. It took a VERY long time to index the English KJV Bible - and then at  
> 99% it
> seemed to crash.
> 2. It did manage to index the ESV, and I could use it. But after the  
> phone was
> restarted (for unrelated reasons), the next time I wanted to "find"  
> something it
> needed to re-index.
> 3. The failure of links to actually do anything is disappointing.
> 4. (Not directly related to this application) Is there a version of the  
> ESV that
> does not include all the extra cross-references? They make it a little  
> clumsy on
> this form-factor.
> 5. In most screens, if I swipe sideways all the text moves as if the  
> swipe was
> meaningful, but then it just bounces back again. Is there supposed to be  
> some
> functionality there?
> 6. I discovered the "Windows" UI Style. It may be the best one to have as
> default. It certainly makes things like the "Find" screen a little more  
> obvious.
> 7. On the top of the screen we have |<-- | version | book:chp:vs | -->|  
> But the
> arrows don't seem to do anything.
> 8. If I press and hold for a while, a circle of rotating dots appears.  
> When I
> let go I get a menu "Add Left" and "Add Right". I tried "Add Right" and  
> it
> appears to give me a 2nd screen in which to add another module. However  
> when I
> try to do anything BTM freezes and has to be killed.
> All up, though, I am quite excited by this. At last there is a good Bible
> application for Symbian.
> Brian.

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