[sword-devel] I implore you...

Greg Hellings greg.hellings at gmail.com
Sun Jun 9 08:09:44 MST 2013

...please just release 1.7.0 now. 15 months ago Troy promised it would be
released the following month. Some things have happened that made it a bit
difficult, but 15 MORE months beyond the already-too-long time is
ridiculous. Please just release it as it is and then make regular bug-fix
releases to address each of these outstanding bugs.

Please, stop with the "one more bug" or "one more thing" or "next
week/month, I  promise". Just release it. Xiphos is unable to make a new
release because it has been repeatedly promised that "very soon now" a new
Sword would be released, so the application has committed to the current
SVN of Sword. BibleTime has support for several of the existing Sword
features in a development branch but cannot make a release with that
support because of a commitment to only supporting released Sword versions.

Troy, you've said one reason you procrastinate releases is because you
don't like going through the release process. I've offered twice now - with
no response - to manage a stable branch of the library and make regular
bug-fix releases from that while main trunk development continues onwards.
With git, I already maintain such functionality on the github mirror of
CrossWire - doing it for a stable branch would not be more difficult. Maybe
someone else would also be willing if you don't want me to do that.

But please, can we just have a release? 'Twould be nice.

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