[sword-devel] Bible book introductions

Chris Burrell chris at burrell.me.uk
Sun Jun 2 23:26:36 MST 2013

One could apply your reasoning for every option we have in the Conf file so

Headings, notes, cross references, strongs, morphology... A verse or
chapter is not guaranteed to contain any of these. You still need to check
for non empty cross references for example if your frontend is displaying
them in a separate pane. Same as strong numbers if you're doing

The option doesn't guarantee anything. It's there to indicate a module
supports a particular features. It's at least that was my understanding.

Isn't the whole point of the options to allow the user to set up his
preferred view for reading the Bible so that as he goes from one chapter to
another he doesn't need to click options on and off as they randomly

Please do tell how I'm supposed to identify whether a Bible has
introductions without reading the whole Bible.

On 2 Jun 2013 22:48, "Chris Little" <chrislit at crosswire.org> wrote:

> On 6/2/2013 9:23 AM, Chris Burrell wrote:
>> Hi
>> Some books have Bible introductions. Can I suggest adding a flag to the
>> conf file to indicate this is the case? In the similar mindset as a
>> previous post, I'd prefer being able to query the conf file for features
>> of a particular module rather than having to read part of the module and
>> hope for that particular book/chapter to have an introduction. A yes/no
>> flag in the .conf file would be helpful.
>> (In particular, I have in mind the book introductions that are part of
>> the ESV text). But no doubt other modules will also (or in the future
>> will also) have the same aspects.
>> Chris
> I would say no. This doesn't add anything.
> Identifying that a module possesses introductions at some level does not
> indicate that it possesses all of the introductions at that level.
> Accordingly, knowing that a module possesses introductions still requires
> checking for non-empty contents in order to know that a particular
> introduction is non-empty.
> This is along the lines of the request for a Scope .conf entry, which was
> already rejected. Whatever solution is used for that case can also be used
> for introductions.
> --Chris
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