[sword-devel] Help wanted: LXX & Orthodox versifications

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Tue Jul 30 07:10:34 MST 2013

Thanks again, Костя.

On 7/30/2013 5:54 AM, Костя Маслюк wrote:
> Chronicles 1,
This was indeed an error.

> Psalms 151
Psalm 151 is actually in there, but without verse numbers (so I said it 
just contains one verse) or a chapter number. It follows the note about 
there being another genuine Psalm of David.

> - maybe the only cases. Daniel 3 is also hard
> case and i do not know why there are two books for Daniel.

Daniel is always difficult. There are two versions of Daniel because one 
comes from Theodotion and the other is the Old Greek version. For those 
LXXes that have both, I just record the greater of the two verse counts.

That small book at the end that mentions Habakkuk in the title is a 
second copy of Bel & the Dragon. The true title for this book, when it 
appears as a separate book, is apparently "From the prophecy of 
Habakkuk, the son of Jesus, of the tribe of Levi".


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