[sword-devel] Pre-verse div and headings

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Mon Jan 21 10:21:18 MST 2013

> Von: DM Smith <dmsmith at crosswire.org>

> As noted, not all these are handled by osis2mod, but only book and chapter
> intros. Someday, I'd like direction to add module and testament intros.

Right now, my impression is that none of these are handled correctly. Please point at a single module which deals with this correctly. I know none.

All of them switch intros on and off together with headlines.

Leaving this aside, the "0" convention is not covering the case of section intros.

FWIW how I would like to see things is following:

(1)Text related title toggle

(2)Explanatory material toggle - and that can and should include both the current "0" material and intersection etc material. And at former may well have titles which need to go on only when explanatory material is toggled on, while latter does not work without (1)

So, both switches are dependent on each other in some form.


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