[sword-devel] local cache of module text

jhphx jhphx at cox.net
Tue Jan 8 08:54:57 MST 2013

On 1/7/2013 6:22 PM, Daniel Hughes wrote:
> ...
> Am I allowed to pull the text out of the sword module once it is 
> installed (using the sword libs) and put it in my local sqlite 
> database. This would be the lest path of resistance for getting sword 
> module support in my application. It would also limit the amount of c# 
> swig bindings I will need (I have enough working to get the text but 
> that's it, the bindings are proving problematic.)
> ...

Each module could be under copyright or not. Each module could come with 
various licenses or not. You need to satisfy the restrictions of each 
module individually. This is why the development of a universal sword 
exporter (export any module) will not be supported. The reverse is also 
true. The creation of modules by importing from other non-sword formats 
that may be used to distribute copyrighted texts for other software 
packages is not universally good (or bad) and so can't be done on a 
universal scale.


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