[sword-devel] local cache of module text

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Tue Jan 8 00:51:01 MST 2013

> Von: Daniel Hughes <trampster at gmail.com>
> Am I allowed to pull the text out of the sword module once it is installed
> (using the sword libs) and put it in my local sqlite database. 

Not a lawyer, so my advice might be of limited value. Many of our modules are public domain and essentially you can do as you like. Many are not and some are quite restrictively licensed. Most of the restrictions are around (re)distribution, so that does not apply here. Which leaves me with "I do not know" and "you probably need to ask a lawyer" and "his advice might vary from module to module and license to license". Or not and everything is easy as it is just on the user's computer.

On the more technical side, you would loose an awful lot. Our better modules have paragraphing, sectioning, titles, footnotes, Strongs, morphology etc included and you would either loose that or reinvent that.

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