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On Feb 19, 2013, at 8:55 AM, Ben Morgan <benpmorgan at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi DM,
> I'm looking at it for how it displays in BPBible. Mostly it seems to show up fine. 
> At the moment the code I had in place actually shows the tr greek text links, though it doesn't know what to look them up in (there's no dictionary matching the tr: scheme, right?). 

There are a few other modules that have lemmas other than "strong:". If you want Strong's numbers look only for strong:.

> I think I'll make it ignore them for now. It would be nice to have a common way with non-strongs type lemmas to
> 1) have them togglable with options (on a class by class basis? what would you label this for tr: - TR? Greek?)

The tr: lemma is the original greek from the TR Bible module. The src attribute gives the position of that word in the same verse. 

You can use the tr: value for an interlinear. You could also show the tr value and use the strong for the link.

> 2) have some way to look them up in dictionaries
> However, one change I did notice was that you've swapped the order in at least one place of a q and a paragraph marker so that in the new KJV module, the <q> contains the paragraph marker:
> <q marker="" who="Jesus"><milestone marker="¶" type="x-p"/>

I think this is across the board. 

> Was this a deliberate change?

Actually, it is osis2mod that is doing that. The latest osis2mod allows for the WoC to be marked up naturally, even spanning chapters, such as with the beatitudes. So that would have a start in chapter 5 and an end in chapter 7. osis2mod then marks up the words individually with the WoC markup. It always puts the marker at the beginning of the verse as it has not seen any content from the verse.

So yes it was deliberate. The old source file used to have per verse markup. The new file has natural markup.

> This doesn't work with BPBibles code as-is

It doesn't work with Bible Desktop either.

> (though I could probably get it to work with a little more hacking). In general, BPBible:
> 1) turns pilcrows into paragraphs

Bible Desktop would do both: add a paragraph break and show the pilcrow.
I plan to check to see if the verse has a pilcrow, instead of seeing if the verse has it at the beginning. Haven't made the change, but it will be small.

> 2) floats whitespace before verse numbers
> At the moment, the paragraph tag doesn't float out before the verse number due to the <q> tag. This ends up with the awkward situation where the previous line ends with the verse number and then the verse actually starts on a new line.

Yes, that doesn't sound good. Bible Desktop doesn't have this problem as it has not identified the pilcrow as a paragraph separator.

> Also, in BPBible at least words of Christ are done with span tags, and having the <p> inside a span doesn't really work and the highlighting goes missing. 
> Quite possibly other frontends don't try and tweak the text like this and so aren't affected.
> This isn't causing any problems, but I'm interested in the <chapter> tag which now shows up in v0. e.g.
> <chapter chapterTitle="CHAPTER 1." osisID="Rom.1" sID="gen1730"/> <title type="chapter">CHAPTER 1.</title>
> Is there any expectation this will be used? Does it need to be retained here (seeing as <title> is there too)?

osis2mod retains all tags and content from the module except the OSIS preamble.

If you dump the module w/ mod2imp, it is a simple matter of adding in verse tags to have a valid OSIS file.

You'll find lots of other tags that a renderer won't care about.

> God Bless,
> Ben
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> On Tue, Feb 19, 2013 at 9:19 AM, DM Smith <dmsmith at crosswire.org> wrote:
> I think I have a ready-to-release update to the KJV. Please do one last check.
> You can get the modules here:
> http://www.crosswire.org/~dmsmith/kjv2006/sword/2011/kjv.zip
> or if you want one with a different name and in raw format:
> http://www.crosswire.org/~dmsmith/kjv2006/sword/2011/av.zip
> Many thanks to David H for finding lots of bugs.
> Hope to release very soon.
> In Him,
>         DM
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