[sword-devel] Small Fix for Mark 9:43 in KJV module

DM Smith dmsmith at crosswire.org
Fri Feb 1 12:17:08 MST 2013

Yes, there are "slightly less obvious" problems!

I've been working diligently on the KJV for the last few weeks. 

I went through and updated all verses with 4 or more empty Strong's Numbers.

I also got the TR that was used in the 2003 effort and used it to identify those verses that had a variant in the TR. I then proofread and updated if necessary those verses. There were two different kinds of variants:
a) variant differences between Stephens and Scrivener. This caused two problems: 1) improper src numbering and 2) improper tagging.
b) variant differences for a Strong's Number and/or Robinson's Morphological codes. These caused many extra words in the verse (improper src numbering) and confusion for the taggers.

Variants cause a problem with src= numbering. In the KJV, for each variant, it uses either the Stephens variant or the Scrivener variant. There are several different types of Stephens/Scrivener variants:
a) Stephens and Scrivener have the same number of words.
b) Stephens has text that is not in Scrivener.
c) Scrivener has text that is not in Stephens.
d) Stephens and Scrivener have phrases of different lengths.
There is no problem with the first, but obvious problems from the variant (inclusive) to the end of the verse.
Having figured out which variant was used, I adjusted the src= values in the KJV to match.

Here is what I have left:
-- There are a few verses where the Greek is in another (adjacent) verse than the English. Need to figure out a way to mark these up. Here are those verses:

I'm thinking of using src="Xp" (for the x-th Greek word in the previous verse) or src="Xn" (for the x-th Greek word in the next verse).

In all but one case, the Greek is at the end of one and the English at the beginning of the other (or visa versa). From what I understand, this is merely a difference in versification, not in what verses there are, but where the boundaries are.

In that other case, a phrase is pulled out of the middle of one verse and put into the middle of the other (the two verses form one sentence. So it makes sense.)

-- There are many verses (thousands) that have 1-3 empty tags (I've addressed all those with 4 or more). For the most part, the biggest problem with these is where they are located. Many times they are unordered and at an end of the verse. It'd be better for them to be placed within the verse based on the src="N" attribute.

-- Update the KJV with the most recent version of the TR.
Interestingly, the Strong's numbers in it don't match the Strong's Concordance for the same verses. This is mostly with the tagging of the definite article. 
The most recent version seems to address all the variant differences for Strong's Numbers and Robinson's Morphological codes.

-- Noting which variants are used with <note type="x-strongsMorph"> .... </note>. Right now I have it documented in a separate document. You can get it in the same directory as above, where it is called variants.zip
There are several columns, The first is the verse, the second is the variant, the third has a + for the variant that is used by the KJV, the fourth is the source of the variant and the last is the content of the variant.

Input welcomed.

Together in His Service,

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> I reported this nearly 4 years ago: http://www.crosswire.org/tracker/browse/MOD-76
> There are some other verses which are slightly less obvious as well.
> God Bless,
> Ben
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> Noted in http://crosswire.org/wiki/User:Dmsmith/KJV2011#Omissions
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