[sword-devel] Locale differences

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Thu Sep 13 05:57:20 MST 2012

> Von: DM Smith <dmsmith at crosswire.org>

> So lets use a different hypothetical, a module has "Ma 1:1" as a cross
> reference in the book of Malachi. To what should it resolve?
> The point of the example is that a book reference in a module that is
> ambiguous is just plain bad.

As a module maker I treat this following:

1) If it is a historic text I try and hunt down the solution. Usually this is obvious, once you actually look at all theoretical solutions. Some make sense, most do not. I then create a well formed reference with osisRef pointing at the correct place, but leaving the Ma in free text. As it is a historical text, after all..

2) If it is a new Bible translation I treat it as a bug which needs discussion with the translator and feedback. Most will then tell me what it meant and also correct the source.

Either way, we should not accept modules with unclean references. And we should clean up what we have, if there are really such issues.

And then, we should at least for OSIS modules disable all parsing of unresolved free text references.

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