[sword-devel] xrefs in Geocoded and GeoAtlas

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Sun Sep 9 15:25:16 MST 2012

On 09/09/2012 01:40 PM, Karl Kleinpaste wrote:
> I was looking at these 2 modules, and I'm failing to understand 2
> things:
> 1. Neither *.conf contains any GlobalOptionFilter entries.  But the
> engine renders GeoAtlas entries with linked xrefs while Geocoded is just
> an unlinked list of verses, just text.  Why?

I mislabeled Geocoded as an OSIS module. I've updated it to reflect its 
actual markup, so it should now correctly work with the HTML filters to 
generate links. Now it correctly represents the same content as 
GeoAtlas, just by verse rather than by location.

All of the interesting links are still naturally quite useless, and I 
haven't had an opportunity to look into why. Does Xipohos have anything 
akin to view source in a web browser so that I can see precisely what it 
is attempting to render?

> 2. In GeoAtlas linkages, every single verse is a link by itself, rather
> than the set being a monolithic verse grouping.  The difference is seen
> in Xiphos by the fact that every single reference goes to the verse list
> individually, whereas a more wise encoding would have put all the
> entries together so that clicking any of them would send the entire set
> to the verse list.  Then the user could peruse that list instead of
> having to go back and forth to the atlas entry and the verse list.  In
> large xref sets, such as in the entry for Jerusalem, this matters a lot.

I think we generally do cross-reference modules like this. TSK is 
another example. I agree that a verse list for the whole entry would be 
useful, but I would consider that to be at the level of a higher 
protocol than the text markup itself, which should generally be as 
precise as possible.

Xiphos could certainly scan the entry for all references and populate a 
verse list with that (or generate a link or button in the entry window 
that populates a verse list).

> The first concerns me more, because although mod2imp shows that the
> content includes (e.g. Gen 2:8) "References: <ref osisRef="Gen.2.8">Gen
> 2:8</ref>, <ref osisRef="Gen.2.10">Gen 2:10</ref>...", nonetheless there
> is not a single xref-linked entry in the commentary window.
> Adding GlobalOptionFilter=OSISScripref does not help, either.

The scripture references are not notes. They are the primary content of 
these modules. GlobalOptionFilters are for allowing elements of the text 
to be switched on & off, but there's no sane use case for these two 
modules where a user would want to toggle the references. (From my 
perspective, most GlobalOptionFitlers, such as those for toggling notes 
& titles, should be deprecated except as StripFilters.)


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