[sword-devel] xrefs in Geocoded and GeoAtlas

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Sun Sep 9 13:40:23 MST 2012

I was looking at these 2 modules, and I'm failing to understand 2

1. Neither *.conf contains any GlobalOptionFilter entries.  But the
engine renders GeoAtlas entries with linked xrefs while Geocoded is just
an unlinked list of verses, just text.  Why?

2. In GeoAtlas linkages, every single verse is a link by itself, rather
than the set being a monolithic verse grouping.  The difference is seen
in Xiphos by the fact that every single reference goes to the verse list
individually, whereas a more wise encoding would have put all the
entries together so that clicking any of them would send the entire set
to the verse list.  Then the user could peruse that list instead of
having to go back and forth to the atlas entry and the verse list.  In
large xref sets, such as in the entry for Jerusalem, this matters a lot.

The first concerns me more, because although mod2imp shows that the
content includes (e.g. Gen 2:8) "References: <ref osisRef="Gen.2.8">Gen
2:8</ref>, <ref osisRef="Gen.2.10">Gen 2:10</ref>...", nonetheless there
is not a single xref-linked entry in the commentary window.

Adding GlobalOptionFilter=OSISScripref does not help, either.


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