[sword-devel] New Arabic Sword Commentaries

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Sat Nov 24 05:41:31 MST 2012

Thanks a lot for all your replies, they really encouraged me .
Yes Mr. Peter I'll make Fr. Malaty's commentaries, He made commentaries for almost all parts of the bible
More info. here http://www.arabchurch.com/commentaries/tadros/

 think I'll continue using OSIS since It's the best choice till now, 
I'll make simple .net program to let non-technical users write osis 
files without the need to deal with XML , they will use the program to 
enter the plain text, attached the interface of the program, may be 
changed but just illustrate the functionality 

the program will allow users to add commentaries for single verses or verse ranges

I think I'll release module version for each new book addition .
So version one (for example) will contain the commentary of Genesis Only, Version 2 will Contain Genesis +Matthew etc.  

Any opinions, Tools or feedback will help a lot :)

BTW, I found in a wiki page that the Android and IOS frontends don't support RTL languages, is that an updated info. ?
It would be great if people in the Arab World could be able to read the commentaries on their phones .

Another Note, Doing some searches i found the E-Sword Project already have some Arabic resources, Can we contact them officially to get the source texts in OSIS format, or any other standard format to convert it easily for Sword Project
The idea is that Sword has many Frontends and is available on mobiles too which doesn't exist in E-Sword
More info. Here http://www.biblesupport.com/e-sword-downloads/category/36-foreign-language/

Pray for me and for this work

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> Hi Pola
> I presume this are Father Malaty's commentaries, which we discussed a while back? This is brilliant news!
> If so, USFM facilitated OSIS conversion is not a good way as the commentaries are not verse by verse but have many overarching bits and then verse by verse material too. These can be nicely expressed in OSIS, but not in USFM.
> We do have routinely two module markup formats which are suitable for commentaries: ThML and OSIS. In principle ThML is for commentaries often easier, but there are as far as I remember some problems around localised references. This would be a huge problem. So OSIS it is, unless someone tells us that I am very wrong.
> Peter
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