[sword-devel] Status of HTTP Transport

Greg Hellings greg.hellings at gmail.com
Wed Mar 7 12:48:09 MST 2012

I'm curious what the state of installation for HTTP repositories is in
the engine. I have specifically been asked if we support HTTPS with
username/password. While I see that the engine has at least
rudimentary HTTP support, it is not exposed in either Xiphos or
BibleTime at present. Moreover BibleTime does not, at least on its
surface, appear to support username or password (I imagine it would if
you embed the username and password into the host field in proper URL
syntax as cURL has happily consumed other things like non-standard
ports from that box before. But that is hardly intuitive to a user if
it does function). I also don't think any of the transports currently
support HTTPS at all - or am I mistaken on that?



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