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Have you considered phonegap? We've built a sample app here with phonegap+jquery_mobile and it worked ok. Our android bindings could likely be accessed through a phonegap wrapper which could be made to access our engine in iOS from the same wrapper.

If you're looking for a runtime environment for all platforms, I don't think the web browser is going answer that dream any better than java or flash has before. You will still have the non-native quirks common in these previous attempts.

We have good native apps on these platforms.

And while I wouldn't want to discourage a new frontend, I would discourage attempting to access our data format directly.
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"Matěj Cepl" <mcepl at redhat.com> wrote:

On 01/08/12 00:00, Greg Hellings wrote:
> It's certainly possible. But assuming you want to be Supported
> Everywhere, you're going to have to work with the binary data in
> special ways. My only point was that JavaScript is not always
> straightforward with its ways to work with binary data since it was an
> afterthought - especially in a browser environment.

Concerning supported everywhere: yes, that's the problem. I don't have 
the good answer but generally I would think that we should shoot not 
where the deer is but where it will be when we finish (a year project?), 
when I hope the situation will be better. I hope. For example, I believe 
that sooner or later (I would expect sooner) Chrome will be a default 
browser on Android.

> The URL of the image is "elephants.png", which is hardly conclusive
> evidence. :) Possibly because the page throws an error in Chrome when
> it attempts to load the image into the IndexDB.

Interesting ... how old Chrome you have? It's 
blob:60473a62-738d-457b-bfaa-31128a2e1449 here on Firefox/Aurora. 
Apparently it is a known bug in Chrome 

> And my point still stands that it is storing a JSON-like object. Not
> pure JSON, but what you have is an object store and not a relational
> store.

Sure I know that ... but I miss your point. Is there anything wrong with 
non-relational object stores, especially when we are talking about 
storing essentially non-tabular and non-relational documents?

> Good to know. So there is no limit on putting a blob into the IndexDB?
> That could lead to some very powerful offline apps. But I can't
> imagine browser writers wouldn't limit the size of data stored
> somehow. They wouldn't just allow you to keep creating data upon data
> in stores until you fill a hard drive... at least I would hope not.

Frankly, I don't know. When you are putting it like this, there must be 
some control over the access, but I am not aware of the details.

> That's good, but for the other 99.5% of us who use Mobile Safari or
> the built-in Android browser when we're on a mobile device, how do we
> stack up? I ask in earnestness because I haven't tackled mobile web
> development beyond a single failed foray in 2007.

I don't have (and frankly, I don't care) about a good answer for iOS, 
but concerning Android, I still believe that Google will eventually 
switch Chrome to be a default browser (or makes the default Browser to 
be essentially Chrome), and as I said I would be shooting where the 
elephant (or deer, or whoever) will be rather than where it is now. And 
yes, of course, it is hard to shoot an elephant, because it can move 
elsewhere. I have no clue about the level of support for HTML5 APIs on 
the mobile Internet Explorer.


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