[sword-devel] Question about Module Names, conf files, OSIS.xml (and fonts)

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Fri Jul 20 13:48:39 MST 2012

Andrew Thule <thulester at gmail.com> writes:
> Xiphos renders Inuktitut properly in the bible window and gives you
> the ability to expressly choose fonts for bible rendering.  In the
> left pane (module window) however the same is not true.

I don't understand the distinction you're making between "the bible
window" and "the module window."  All content is from a module, some of
which are bibles.

Or are you referring to the previewer, typically left-bottom pane?

> As far as I can tell it can't find the proper font for UTF8 in the
> 'module window' whereas it can in the bible window.  Font settings
> also only seem to affect one and not the other.  I can send a screen
> shot if anyone cares to see.

If you do mean the previewer...  It's just another pane.  It is filled
in nearly identical fashion to any other pane, using a font
specification taken from the module whose content is to be presented
there.  The font is knocked down one size, to reflect print-style
footnote appearance, but other than that the content to be presented
there (footnote text, or whatever else) is presented the same way as if
it were in the normal pane where the module appears.

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