[sword-devel] SFM to OSIS

John Austen gpl.programs.info at gmail.com
Fri Jan 13 02:44:48 MST 2012

Hi Jonathan,

Depending on what features your SFM files have, and depending on how 
standard your SFM files are, (I've not used the usfm2osis.pl but the 
name implies it may only be intended for USFM but not non-standard SFM), 
you may run into difficulties. I use a set of Perl scripts which I wrote 
years ago, which convert SFM (of almost any flavor) to Sword compatible 
OSIS files. They also parse Scripture references from headings and 
footnotes as well as add glossary links if you have a glossary. I've had 
good success using them to convert basically any SFM, but they're not 
terribly simple to use, and you'd need to read some script comments/code 
to do everything. I've recently been using the scripts (again) and am 
thinking about putting them on Google Code or somewhere, so if you're 
interested let me know, and that'll be the kick in the pants I need to 
get them online.


On 01/12/2012 11:57 PM, jonathon wrote:
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> All:
> Are there any SFM to OSIS conversion tools that run under Linux, and are
> being maintained,bugs fixed, etc?
> The only tools I found ran on Windows, and were extremely old, and no
> longer maintained.
> jonathon
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