[sword-devel] Development, SWIG Bindings, etc...

Greg Hellings greg.hellings at gmail.com
Mon Jan 9 12:59:05 MST 2012

On Sat, Jan 7, 2012 at 4:59 PM, brian <brianlovesjesus at perffection.com> wrote:
> Hey Everyone, God bless you
>    Hope you are enjoying your Saturday. Thank you for your welcoming notes
> (public/private) and ideas. I am looking more into the code, and different
> projects. I'd like to help with Xyphos, or the windows software if I can get
> it to compile with mingw or find a windows dev box, though right now i'm
> looking more into SWIG.
>    To get SWIG to work on the SVN branch (This is to get it to compile, and
> it allows it to work but I still haven't gone over all the warnings which
> seem mostly due to operator overloading) , the problem lies in that
> SWBuf::append(wchar_t) which is new is not yet fully supported by SWIG. We
> can remove its usage by editing swbuf.i and adding at line 29:
>     %ignore sword::SWBuf::append(wchar_t);

I added this and confirmed it allows the library to compile. The fix
is now in SVN. Thanks for locating it.

I'm not sure how useful adding support for wchar_t directly to the
bindings is, since Python already has a dead-simple method for
combining strings and converting encodings. It might not even be
desired by the people who use the bindings. Until I hear from those
people on this matter, I would be wary of including that extra


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