[sword-devel] Av11n and coverage

Костя и Алёна Маслюк kalemas at mail.ru
Fri Jan 6 03:37:21 MST 2012

While there is no support for module-supplied v11n in engine, no sense to  
making and testing modules. Test module for this task could be any  
incomplete module (without NT or OT).

As for me this task is not very difficult and well discussed to start  
working over implementation. But two things, implementation of av11n  
mappings affects on storage format for module-supplied v11n. Policy for  
custom v11ns should be strict because we can't allow countless amount of  
very similar v11ns.

Returning to the subject, BibleTime do coverage calculation on testament  
level, but book coverage can be useful too. BibleTime Mini have continuous  
display and display stops if there is absent significant part of text like  
chapter or book, coverage ranges could solve this.

Greg Hellings <greg.hellings �� gmail.com> писал(а) в своём письме Thu, 05
Jan 2012 21:45:26 +0400:

> There are abortive attempts to provide this functionality, but at
> present there has been no push on the part of the engine or
> applications to complete the task, since there are no modules at
> present people are hoping to provide which require it. There is one
> sample test module which tests the functionality, but it currently
> crashes all the applications I tried it in because the library support
> was never completed so no application has yet bothered to implement
> it.
> This is sort of a chicken-egg problem. No one produces modules which
> leverage module-supplied v11ns because the library doesn't support it.
> The library doesn't have support because no one has a module file
> ready for creation which would require a completely custom v11n. And,
> of course, no application has support because the library
> implementation isn't finished yet.
> If you have an OSIS file that requires a custom v11n in SWORD and you
> provide it to the list, then it might start the boulder rolling on
> this topic. I'm interested in it, because the mechanism that would be
> used is the first step towards being able to represent modern
> commentaries properly in SWORD, which presently I am unable to do. I
> have many dozen such modules I'm working on for a Bible translation
> organization. They are not well suited to SWORD's commentary style and
> would benefit greatly from being rendered into a general book, which
> is the mechanism that module-supplied v11ns will use. But again, it's
> a chicken-egg problem. I can't use that mechanism until the Bibles are
> implemented (unless I want to write custom code into one of the front
> ends) and I can't supply the files to other developers because of
> copyright restrictions. If you have distributable material that needs
> custom v11ns, then you could be the first step in solving the impasse.
> --Greg

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