[sword-devel] Av11n and coverage

Greg Hellings greg.hellings at gmail.com
Thu Jan 5 10:45:26 MST 2012

2012/1/5 Костя и Алёна Маслюк <kalemas at mail.ru>:
> Nice idea, we can document this and use to fix existing display problems
> with incomplete modules (on level of conf files and frontends, not engine).
> But its more like on crutches for me and really universal solution is
> module-supplied v11ns.

There are abortive attempts to provide this functionality, but at
present there has been no push on the part of the engine or
applications to complete the task, since there are no modules at
present people are hoping to provide which require it. There is one
sample test module which tests the functionality, but it currently
crashes all the applications I tried it in because the library support
was never completed so no application has yet bothered to implement

This is sort of a chicken-egg problem. No one produces modules which
leverage module-supplied v11ns because the library doesn't support it.
The library doesn't have support because no one has a module file
ready for creation which would require a completely custom v11n. And,
of course, no application has support because the library
implementation isn't finished yet.

If you have an OSIS file that requires a custom v11n in SWORD and you
provide it to the list, then it might start the boulder rolling on
this topic. I'm interested in it, because the mechanism that would be
used is the first step towards being able to represent modern
commentaries properly in SWORD, which presently I am unable to do. I
have many dozen such modules I'm working on for a Bible translation
organization. They are not well suited to SWORD's commentary style and
would benefit greatly from being rendered into a general book, which
is the mechanism that module-supplied v11ns will use. But again, it's
a chicken-egg problem. I can't use that mechanism until the Bibles are
implemented (unless I want to write custom code into one of the front
ends) and I can't supply the files to other developers because of
copyright restrictions. If you have distributable material that needs
custom v11ns, then you could be the first step in solving the impasse.


> Peter von Kaehne <refdoc at gmx.net> писал(а) в своём письме Thu, 05 Jan 2012
> 16:47:31 +0400:
>> Some of our modules need a certain versification, but do not use all the
>> books available in the versification. Sometimes this is the result of
>> the translation being incomplete, but sometimes this is the result of a
>> theological stance:
>> Many translations in the former USSR area will use the synodal
>> versification, but will at the same time not integrate DC material.
>> Currently on libsword frontends which support av11n a text with Synodal
>> v11n, but no DC material will have empty DC books and the names will
>> appear in the menus. This can be a serious detractor in areas where
>> people might consider the Bible being corrupted and the same people
>> unwilling to listen to lengthy explanations why DC is not meant to be
>> part of the Bible.
>> Alternatively, many translations, while incomplete are meant to be
>> incomplete - e.g. are in a small language where people will want to have
>> parts of the Bible in their own mother tongue, but will happily use the
>> dominant language for more complete Bible study. A number of our Iran
>> region translations are of this kind. To have all books appear in the
>> menus when in reality there are and will ever only be e.g. Genesis,
>> Psalms, Luke, Acts and Romans is detracting.
>> The best solution for all this would be a coverage entry in the conf file.
>> Chris suggested that this should be an OSISRef. I concur. It is the most
>> flexible way of implementing this and allows finegrained control (if one
>> wishes to have this)
>> Can I propose therefore that we will add to "incomplete" modules (in
>> terms of the underlying versification) an entry
>> Coverage=Gen,Psalm,Luke,Acts,Rom (sorry if the OSIS abbreviations are
>> off, but OSIS was meant)
>> For some nonDC translations this might then be simply
>> Coverage=Gen-Mal,Mat-Rev
>> Others nonDC translations (with v111n where DC material is interspersed)
>> might require more finegrained references, including chapter and verse
>> references.
>> Frontends then could implement this as part of their work to make av11n
>> work.
>> Underlying is of course the versification of a particular module - which
>> will dictate which books are there in the first place, in which order
>> and which chapters/verses too.
>> What does everyone think?
>> Peter
>> I am posting this to jsword too as I see that DM has started
>> implementing av11n!! Great - thanks DM.
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