[sword-devel] First post (hey everyone, God bless you)

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Sun Jan 1 23:40:16 MST 2012

Happy New Year to you, Brian!

Many thanks for your email to the list.

I am no programmer, but am mostly busy with creating Bible modules in
languages other than English (last were Turkish, Azeri, Kurdish and some
others). One thing I rely heavily upon are the SWIG bindings for Perl (I
use Perl scripting a lot). And at the moment they do not compile. Fixing
them is beyond me.

There has always been some problem or other with the SWIG bindings
system. A whole bunch of bindings never really compiled (PHP etc) , Perl
and Python lived a bit day by day. Perl compilation always had (even
when successful) a huge number of warnings suggesting not all is well. 

Your project to create Ruby bindings suggests to me that you know your
way round SWIG. 

Could I ask you to have a look at these other bindings and maybe even
make them work smoothly? This would be wonderful!


On Sun, 2012-01-01 at 02:56 -0600, brian wrote:
> Happy New Years!
>     The website said to just dive in and say hello, I am happy to be 
> starting out in  working with Sword. I just wanted to give a short 
> introduction. I live in Guatemala, and I started out with computer game 
> programming about 20+ years ago, started professionally with web dev 
> about 13 years ago. I went to college in Oregon and it became a big 
> trial but the Lord used it to bring me to Him, now I am forever grateful 
> (praise Him) and hoping to contribute in some way using any ability for 
> his kingdom (whether it be programming or more direct ministry or 
> anything He sets me to do).
>     With Sword, I wasn't able to gather that much off the website. I am 
> interested in knowing more about the status of the sword program,  who I 
> should be in touch with and where help could most be used. Looking over 
> the help needed section, creating tools to aid in bible translation 
> seemed neat and useful (though I would be willing to look into 
> anything). I have experience in C/C++/C#/Java and others but  most of my 
> programming has been in Ruby/Rails over the past few years. I could work 
> with pretty much any language given a bit of time. I just started 
> writing (praise God) a gem to integrate the SVN code into Ruby with 
> SWIG. You can try it out (alpha++) with 'gem install rsword --pre' or 
> view some of the changes at https://github.com/brianlovesjesus/rsword . 
> I am working on making it more flexible right now but I wanted to get 
> something out there to start working with the lib somehow. I'd be 
> interested in contributing in other ways too, maybe making a way to 
> crunch data with hadoop (again a learning experience), or helping to 
> document the conversations/status of the project, or if you all know of 
> other projects. If any of you want to see an outdated website of my work 
> on computers you can go to http://www.briancowan.net
>    Other than that, please let me know anything about you guys, and 
> maybe etiquette about chatting about God on this newsletter. Do you all 
> get together from time to time? Are there any prayer circles? I'd like 
> to know more about doing ministry over the web, if anyone is involved 
> with that. I hope you all have a wonderful year, full of revelation and 
> sound doctrine, prudence and wisdom, and above all: Jesus' faith, Love 
> and His presence. Thanks to all of you who have worked hard on making 
> this a program a useful reality, praise God
>    Jesus loves you! God bless
>    -brian cowan
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