[sword-devel] Need help tracking down a bug in the API...

Nic Carter niccarter at mac.com
Tue Dec 18 22:32:21 MST 2012

So it appears that in RWP in Mark 3:14 there is a link to "1Ti 2:6f." and that's what the module is linking to.
However, it appears that after we try to parse the verse list (VerseKey::ParseVerseList) it gives all of 1 Timothy 6, starting at verse 1.

Looking at versekey.cpp at line 777 it has the following comment:

// ignore (break) if preceeding char is not a digit

I don't know why we want to do that and so I don't know if there is a bug in the following code or not.
But that seems to be where it is tripping up and using the verse number (6) to be the chapter number, and then cause it can't find a verse number after the 6, it makes it verse 1 & then cause of the "f" it then makes it "and following", ie the entire chapter.
But, it is tripping up cause of the "." at the end, and similar spots (such as Mark 4:30) produce similarly amusing results.

However, the bug tracker has a bug filed from October 2008 where it was confirmed that there appears to be a problem in the API not the module.

What is the correct course of action for me at this point?

Thanks, ybic
	nic...  :)

ps: This just happened to come up right now cause 2 days ago someone pointed out this bug to me in PS and further tracking shows it to be in the API & not PS code itself... But perhaps links in nicely with other threads going on right now? ;)

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