[sword-devel] OSIS book abbreviations for Sword updated

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Sun Aug 26 21:53:12 MST 2012

I've updated the list of OSIS abbreviations at

These aren't strictly SBL abbreviations, so they aren't strictly OSIS 
identifiers, but those abbreviations that aren't official are 
SBL-abbreviation-inspired as much as possible within the parameters of 
legal Sword book identifiers. I'm planning to add all of the books on 
this list to Sword as our pool of Bible books, so please identify any 
books you would recommend adding or removing.

The basic criteria for inclusion are:
- appearance in any modern Bible accepted by any Christian church
- appearance in any critical or scholarly edition of the Bible
- appearance in biblical manuscripts or editions of historical
- appearance in Paratext's book code set, plus those books recommended
	for inclusion by Neil Rees in the document linked from the
	wiki but minus those intended for private use (XXA-XXG) or used
	to identify non-biblical material (front matter, concordances,

In addition, since a significant portion of the apostolic fathers have 
been included in Bibles, I added all the apostolic fathers books to the 
list. (Five have to be included based on the above criteria. Another 14 
have to be included to complete the set.) Including the full set of 
apostolic fathers in our Bible books pool will permit us to issue 
'Bibles' consisting of just the apostolic fathers, as OLB & BibleWorks 
do. And we could conceivably start making references to the apostolic 
fathers as we currently do to the Bible and do apostolic fathers 
interlinears, etc. That said, I'm certainly will to hear objections to 
inclusion of the full set of apostolic fathers within our book pool.

Some things that are strictly excluded:
- The Ethiopic broader canon. (Identified here: 
These books, though considered canonical are not considered biblical, by 
which I mean they aren't part of Bibles printed in this tradition. So 
they aren't Bible books by the above criteria. I'm not completely averse 
to adding them, but sources I could find on the broader canon weren't in 
sufficient agreement for me feel comfortable assigning identifiers 
without some input from someone in the community (meaning the Bible 
Society of Ethiopia, probably).
- Pseudepigapha and Apocrypha that do not meet the above criteria
- Books mentioned in lists of canonical books or stichometric catalogs 
that don't meet the above criteria

Some books I'm still somewhat uncertain about are listed on the Talk 

In particular, there are claims that the Ascension of Isaiah and the 
Acts of Paul & Thecla belong to the Ethiopic & Armenian Orthodox 
biblical traditions, respectively. But I can find no concrete evidence 
of this. If you have reliable information on either of these, please 
speak up.


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