[sword-devel] Rahlfs' LXX in experimental/Rahlfs v11n

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Mon Aug 20 16:27:42 MST 2012

I posted a new Rahlfs' LXX module to the experimental repository. I 
haven't tested it extensively, and there are some tricky parts of the 
text that may easily have been imported incorrectly. But it does at 
least employ the text's own versification system.

The module corrects quite a few errors present in the CCAT text's 
morphology, and I've included the morphology codes in their original 
form (Packard) and converted them to Robinson's morphology. The Beta 
transliterated form of each word is also included in their xlit 
attributes, which depends on the OSISXlit filter that I haven't actually 
written yet. The current version includes the Greek lemma for each word, 
but I'll include Strong's numbers in the next release.

Using the module requires that you use Sword SVN head, since it uses the 
new Rahlfs v11n. Well, it will work, with older versions of Sword, but 
the versification will be incorrect.

There are empty verses and chapters in the module. I know. It's not an 
error. Don't report them unless you've actually confirmed there is an 
error by consulting a printed Rahlfs.


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