[sword-devel] Alternate Versification question

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Mon Aug 13 09:11:48 MST 2012

On 08/12/2012 11:23 PM, Andrew Thule wrote:
> I was making changes to the LXX2012 version - but then quit.  I
> decided to instead work on getting out a version with original text.
> I've created a versification system based upon an 1857 edition of
> Brenton's book (and consulted 2 other versions, including a 1900
> edition).  The versification doesn't match the order your text was in,
> but don't worry - it seems to take the OSIS and it it in order
> correctly - however it is ordered in the OSIS based upon the
> versification. (I tried  this on another module).  I've attached a
> copy of the versification.
> I'm going to continue working on the Brenton version so as to get out
> a version with unmodified text.  Then I'll get back to the 2012
> version later and update the English.  I found found printing errors
> in two of the book I was consulting based upon your text where verses
> would simply be followed by text from different chapters.  Your
> version of the text seemed 'mostly' correct.  I was able to resolve
> these problems (mostly) but not all.  For example:
> Your Sirach 30 has 25 verses - the 1857 printed version has 31
> Your Sirach 31 has 31 verses - the 1857 printed version has 26 (so
> does the 1900)
> Your Sirach 32 has 24 verses - the 1857 printed version has 20
> Your Sirach 33 has 31 verses - the 1857 printed version has 12
> Your Sirach 34 has 26 verses - the 1857 printed version has 31
> Your Sirach 35 has 20 verses - the 1857 printed version has 24
> I'm convinced the 1857 printed version has typesetting errors because
> this is an instance when the verse numbers jumped around and seemed to
> pull verses from other chapters (for example I think some of the
> verses missing from Sirach 33 in the 1857 printed version show up
> elsewhere.  I believe all of there verses are there, but the printed
> version simply seems to mixed them in elsewhere.  I've not been able
> to find out of the Greek LXX comes in different flavours these
> editions could have been made from.
> However your 1 Kings 9 missed a bunch of verses (numbering from 1Kings
> 9:1-14, 26-28) and comparing it to the printed text, I gave your
> version an empty [9:15] and relabelled [9:26-28] to [9:16-18] and that
> resolved the problem and both texts aligned perfectly.
> Even with this change, there's something going on funny about
> Sir.31-38 between different printed versions of the text and your
> text. Even the 1900 version didn't agree with your text or the 1857
> version (though it mostly followed the 1857 version nearly everywhere
> else.  Ultimately, I couldn't resolve those issues.  All of the text
> is there just in wrong chapters.  For the versification, I went with
> your version of the text.. because I figured it would make it easiest
> to produce a sword module if I didn't have figure out from the Greek
> where the verses were actually suppose to be, and your text 'seemed'
> correct to me.  The verses placement seemed to read the most correct.

Per the publisher's note at the second Sirach 30:16 of Brenton in my 
printed edition:

"The Greek text of Ecclesiasticus 30:24-36:16 is in great disorder in 
virtually every Greek ms. Scholars are convinced by old translations 
(Arabic, Syriac, and Old Latin), however, that the order of modern 
English editions (e.g. NRSV) is correct. Brenton's versification 
reflects the conflict between the Greek text and the order observed in 
these other translations."


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