[sword-devel] No errors. Valid OSIS. Not working. Looking for suggestions.

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Thu Aug 2 09:35:12 MST 2012

Usually path or driver errors.

Wrong path to module or mismatch between driver and conf entry re driver.


On 02/08/12 15:29, Andrew Thule wrote:
> I'm working on a 'commentary' for the first time and having some trouble.
> I very much like the module OTPassages. Chris has given me an IMP file
> of the module OTPassages (quoted in the NT) which I have converted to
> OSIS, xmllintetd and run through osis2mod all without problems.  When
> I use osis2mod to convert the original OSIS module )(without changes,
> and using the stock otpassage.conf) everything works.   The module
> shows up as a commentary OTPassages, when I navigate the bible in the
> NT, I see the references.  It works as it is suppose to.
> However with the OSIS document where I've added references, xmllint
> validates it perfectly, osis2mod also produces no errors, but nothing
> at all shows up in the commentary section.  I've tested this in Xiphos
> and Bibletime.  I know it is being taken as a commentary since it
> shows up as one in both Xiphos and Bibletime, but no errors are
> produce and nothing is ever seen. I Know the module is loaded since I
> can see the module title once it is loaded.
> I'm stuck here however, because it doesn't seem to be working
> otherwise, yet I'm not getting a single errors.  It's like the module
> is simply not there (though it seems loaded).  There's not text
> references.  I've changed the name of this module to 'OTTEST' simply
> to differentiate it from OTPassages and it shows up and loads as
> OTTEST.  I've tried all of the -b 2|3|4 options with osis2mod.  I've
> created raw versions, zipped versions, and looked at debug levels
> 1,16,128 all to no effect.
> Anyone have any ideas where I can go from here to find out where the
> problem lies?
> ~A
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