[sword-devel] No errors. Valid OSIS. Not working. Looking for suggestions.

Andrew Thule thulester at gmail.com
Thu Aug 2 07:29:44 MST 2012

I'm working on a 'commentary' for the first time and having some trouble.

I very much like the module OTPassages. Chris has given me an IMP file
of the module OTPassages (quoted in the NT) which I have converted to
OSIS, xmllintetd and run through osis2mod all without problems.  When
I use osis2mod to convert the original OSIS module )(without changes,
and using the stock otpassage.conf) everything works.   The module
shows up as a commentary OTPassages, when I navigate the bible in the
NT, I see the references.  It works as it is suppose to.

However with the OSIS document where I've added references, xmllint
validates it perfectly, osis2mod also produces no errors, but nothing
at all shows up in the commentary section.  I've tested this in Xiphos
and Bibletime.  I know it is being taken as a commentary since it
shows up as one in both Xiphos and Bibletime, but no errors are
produce and nothing is ever seen. I Know the module is loaded since I
can see the module title once it is loaded.

I'm stuck here however, because it doesn't seem to be working
otherwise, yet I'm not getting a single errors.  It's like the module
is simply not there (though it seems loaded).  There's not text
references.  I've changed the name of this module to 'OTTEST' simply
to differentiate it from OTPassages and it shows up and loads as
OTTEST.  I've tried all of the -b 2|3|4 options with osis2mod.  I've
created raw versions, zipped versions, and looked at debug levels
1,16,128 all to no effect.

Anyone have any ideas where I can go from here to find out where the
problem lies?


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