[sword-devel] SWORD 1.7

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Sat Apr 21 12:59:48 MST 2012

I have 2 weeks off back home in Phoenix at the beginning of May and 
hope to push out a new release of SWORD.

Can people speak up regarding any outstanding issues so I can start 

o	I know we are at an odd place with trunk osis2mod and current filter 
sets.  Any update or news on that?

o	This is the first thread which supports the new XHTML filters, though 
they are mostly just a stub right now.  I think I converted Words of 
Christ over to use a span and maybe a couple other tags, but they were 
meant for the frontends who would like to use them to begin XHTML-izing 
them.  Any frontend develops up for morphing these things into something 
you'll commit to use and collaborate with the other frontend developers 
to be sure they are happy with the results, as well?  Collaboration is 
important on this one.

o	We had a bug regarding size limits somewhere in the z drivers.  The 
original author of these hasn't been around for a while.  I can look 
into this, but I don't have much of an advantage over others on this 
one.  This would be a good bug to track down if you'd like to start 
getting your feet wet deep in internals of the engine code.

o	We still have an outstanding bug report with TOP going to Malachi or 
something like this in a certain Bible module (I'm old and have 
forgotten the details on this one.  I think we talked about it in 
#sword.  I couldn't find a message thread)

I'll scan the bug tracker, so be sure every issue you know about is 
entered there: http://crosswire.org/bugs

But also be loud if you don't see your favorite bug fixed or talked about.

Thanks for any constructive help you can lend for this release!


On 04/21/2012 09:29 PM, Barry Drake wrote:
> I just discovered that Bibletime and Xiphos can't be installed together
> from the Ubuntu packages for 12.04 because of dependency conflicts. I
> used to like having both frontends available. I just wondered if folk
> were aware of the current situation and whether this will alter any time
> soon?
> God bless, Barry.

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