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Re: palmbible+  and kindle/nook e-ink format

Crosswire in 2004 listed palmbible+ as a crosswire program (today the site claims that crosswire has no palm platform program.) I'm not claiming any particular person, and especially not Chris Little, is seeking to change history, and I apologize that the statement I made reads that way.  I meant to focus on my lack of knowledge, not a nefarious plot hiding in the shadows. :-)  I don't need any more discussion about Palmbible+ as the program and the OS is dead in the real world (You need a 2.2 kernal on linux or XP sp1 to get any palm devices to sync as far as I know. I guess some devices with SD slots might still have a life.) 

Besides a contact offlist, noone has made any statement for or against releasing epubs via CrossWire.  GoBible's association with the Crosswire Bible Society indicates Crosswire has the ability to release in formats other than sword but some guiding principles that remain a mystery.  If I or someone in my organization has texts to hand to Crosswire in epub format and declare them in the care of Crosswire, would someone at Crosswire consider starting a repo of epub format texts?

And about my C++?   I'm currently stuck in .h :  Lots of definitions, not much done. 


Crosswire is an amoeba to me, without any specific shape that can be defined 
(which is a good thing.)  The content of the website IS to me 
Crosswire.  Someone made the decision to list Palmbible+ in the way it 
was listed in 2004.  Someone changed that--changing history--by claiming 
palmbible wasn't Crosswire after it had been (possibly incorrectly) 
listed as being part of Crosswire. That activity was confusing in 
2009ish when (i noticed) the listing changed, and it is still confusing.  Crosswire 
Bible Society has no annual meeting I'm aware of, or official membership roles, bylaws, charter, etc. I understand some code and some texts have dubious backgrounds and get de-listed for legal sanity, but palmbible+ was as far as i could tell good code built on a firm foundation.  I don't want or need a history lesson. It just confuses me that the listing to include it was 
changed to exclude it, with the special mention it had never been. It 
confuses me because the goals of palmbible+ seemed to fit the goals of 
Crosswire so closely that cooperative association was intuitively a good thing.  It makes no sense to me that there needs to be a division.  
Nobody spending more than 10 minutes on the site thinks that its more 
than a web collective of isolated programmers.  What point does 
declaring that division serve? Again this an explanation of my statement 'confusing' and 'changing history', not to continue the conversation 
beyond this point. 
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