[sword-devel] Some questions about the WEB module

Kahunapule Michael Johnson kahunapule at mpj.cx
Wed Apr 11 15:55:58 MST 2012

Hello, John!

Thank you for your interest in the World English Bible modules. :-)
I'm not the Sword module maintainer, but I am the "upstream source" for those (WEB, WEB:ME, and WEBBE) and over 300 other potential modules, all of which have master copies in USFM. I'm planning to build some conversions into Haiola (http://haiola.org) to create a suitable input for osis2mod. How is your C#?

The conversion for the WEB modules will need to be done many times, since it is being edited, and the language updated in the Old Testament. (Occasional edits are still accepted in the New Testament, but are more rare.) Likewise, many of the other minority-language texts I have access to are under construction (i. e. maybe only one book of the Bible is done, so far, but more are coming, a book at a time). Therefore, I crave something more reliable and automatic than the current process. I would welcome
help. I can't speak for the official Sword repository, but I can speak for Haiola...

On 04/11/2012 12:11 PM, John Zaitseff wrote:
> Hi,
> I have some questions about the WEB (World English Bible) module in the 
> SWORD repository:
> 1. Who is the maintainer of this module?  The conf file does not list
>    anyone: it just lists the upstream source (www.ebible.org).
> 2. Is that maintainer planning an update of the module?  I notice the
>    current upstream release was dated 5th April, 2012, just a few days ago.
> 3. Does that maintainer release the finished OSIS text somewhere, or does he
>    or she simply use usfm2osis.pl (since the upstream WEB is in USFM
>    format)?  If so, where is that OSIS file?
> 4. If the answer to (1) is Unknown, or the answer to (2) is No, would there
>    be objections to doing the work myself, with the results released to the
>    SWORD module repository?
> 5. I note from the Wiki that usfm2osis.pl has limitations and/or bugs.  I
>    also see (from the sword-tools Subversion repository logs) that
>    usfm2osis.pl is currently being maintained by one chrislit.  Who is that?
>    If I manage to rework the script to eliminate the limitations, will my
>    patches be accepted?
> I have looked around the Wiki and elsewhere on the 'net, and could not find 
> the answers to the above questions.  Hopefully, someone may be able to help.  
> Thanks in advance!
> Yours truly,
> John Zaitseff

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