[sword-devel] Improvements to osis2mod to handle XML comments and <header> correctly

John Zaitseff J.Zaitseff at zap.org.au
Wed Apr 11 13:46:17 MST 2012


A couple of weeks ago (on 24th March, to be precise), DM Smith wrote:

> > I wrote to this list about two years ago (4th February, 2010, to be
> > precise) with a couple of suggestions and a patch for the SWORD
> > library.
> > 
> > Unfortunately, the patch I suggested was not applied (an oversight, I'm
> > sure), and I've been way too busy with other things to chase it up...
> > until now.
> I'm sorry that the request fell off my todo list. Thank you for your
> patch.

Thank you for applying the patch!  I may have more in the pipeline... :-)


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