[sword-devel] Websites (was: Video tutorials)

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Tue Apr 3 11:53:45 MST 2012

To second what Greg said and to defend the last person who attempted to 
meet all audiences with our website (not me), if you hit:


Click Software
Click Windows

You get a list software for Windows.

We can't necessarily have a "Download Now" button as most projects have 
chosen not to host their development work on CrossWire's server and I 
won't believe they would (nor blame them for not doing so) keep updated 
Windows and Mac packages in some central CrossWire download facility. 
We've had hard enough time getting news reports from everyone.  Other 
OSs don't use a 'download now' from a website concept, but get their 
software from a package manager (Android, iOS, Redhat, Ubuntu, etc.)

I'm not amiss to giving other Windows frontends more prominence, but 
it's hard to decide how: BPBible, Bible Desktop, Bibletime, Xiphos, 
XulSWORD (listed ASCIIbetically) all run fine on Windows and complaining 
that everyone only downloads BibleCS because it is listed first would 
translate to a valid complaint for any 2-n listed project.

I too am generally frustrated with both our wiki and our main website. 
The wiki has so much misinformation and bad examples and is anything but 
concise, and the main website is generally unattractive and doesn't have 
the latest bits of useful information which are on the wiki.

I'm not blaming anyone, as Greg has said, no one wants this.  I very 
seldom take the time to read the wiki with the intent to fix things.  I 
end up finding them when I intend to refer someone to the wiki and read 
the information I'm about to link to.  Some who edit the wiki don't have 
the history or expertise.  Many who have the history or expertise don't 
have time to edit the wiki.  It's a vicious circle.  Everyone has good 

I'm open for suggestions, but every couple years we go through this 
iteration of a wave of frustration about our websites and someone steps 
up and revamps some things, and no one is happy and we move on for 
another couple years.


On 04/03/2012 07:22 PM, Barry Drake wrote:
> On 03/04/12 17:58, Matěj Cepl wrote:
>> I am not a Windows user, so just a question ... what's better Xiphos
>> or Bibletime for Windows? (maybe we should list both as to avoid a
>> civil war, if it is point of contest)
> Both look virtually the same under Windows as under your favourite
> Linux. Neither is 'better', it's purely a matter of which one fits the
> way the user works. Xiphos fits my work style very well, but until
> Xiphos has full av11n support (quite soon now), I am mainly using
> Bibletime. I wouldn't say either is better, just different. BibleDesktop
> is another good alternative ... I'd really like to see the web-page
> encourage the would-be user to try them all and settle for the one that
> suits them. Maybe we could list the main features of each. I seem to
> remember a wiki some years ago that attempted to do just that. It will
> be well out of date by now.
> Features like the ability to set up several free-floating windows with
> different text in each, is a feature I have used a lot. It only exists
> in Xiphos. When preparing a sermon, it is neat to be able to have each
> of the readings for the day in places where I can move them about ....
> Others with different uses will really want some of the main features of
> one of the other programs ... it's horses for courses really.
> We could also stress the fact that you only need one collection of
> modules for all the installed front-ends.
> God bless, Barry.

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