[sword-devel] Couple of problems with windows build tutorial.

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Fri Sep 30 01:52:47 MST 2011

FWIW, I just now managed to cross-compile libsword for Windows on Suse
and MingW - thanks to Matthew Talbert.

I will once I got myself organised enough do a write up on the Wiki.


On 28/09/11 23:36, Paul A. Martel wrote:
> I found the solution to one of my problems with the windows build.
> As of curl 7.22, the curl/types.h header no longer exists.
> Since something like curl 7.12 or so (circa April 2004), it has just
> been an empty file,
> kept, I suspect, for backward compatibility, so maybe it's time that
> the libsword modules can stopped needlessly including it?
> The situation does underscore that I am unintentionally breaking new
> ground by taking the tutorial's advice to just "download the latest"
> of each source package -- should I, for safety sake, be limiting
> myself to the state of the art as of the tutorial's last update date
> (August 2010) and cast a skeptical eye on anything more modern? Or
> does anyone have a more current windows libsword build success story?
> If I had one, I'd be glad to share it.  My prior experience doesn't
> really count because I
> had been using a hard-coded build script that statically linked the
> .obj files from a slightly
> patched libsword source tree, bypassing the whole library build
> process. Not for the faint of heart.
> As things stand, even with my patch-arounds, I seem to be unable to
> get a fully debuggable diatheke or utility (like osis2mod, just to
> pick one) to launch.
> The windows build and install tutorial says nothing about "installing"
> built components to make  dynamic linking work, and my simple approach
> of copying various *lib* files from Debug*
> folders to my c:\bin\ folder seems to allow executables to find the
> required .dll 's but I still get
> warnings that I'm not getting their debug symbols.
> Can anyone explain the missing steps?
> Thanks,
> --paul
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