[sword-devel] Couple of problems with windows build tutorial.

Paul A. Martel pmartel60 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 28 15:36:30 MST 2011

I found the solution to one of my problems with the windows build.
As of curl 7.22, the curl/types.h header no longer exists.
Since something like curl 7.12 or so (circa April 2004), it has just
been an empty file,
kept, I suspect, for backward compatibility, so maybe it's time that
the libsword modules can stopped needlessly including it?

The situation does underscore that I am unintentionally breaking new
ground by taking the tutorial's advice to just "download the latest"
of each source package -- should I, for safety sake, be limiting
myself to the state of the art as of the tutorial's last update date
(August 2010) and cast a skeptical eye on anything more modern? Or
does anyone have a more current windows libsword build success story?

If I had one, I'd be glad to share it.  My prior experience doesn't
really count because I
had been using a hard-coded build script that statically linked the
.obj files from a slightly
patched libsword source tree, bypassing the whole library build
process. Not for the faint of heart.

As things stand, even with my patch-arounds, I seem to be unable to
get a fully debuggable diatheke or utility (like osis2mod, just to
pick one) to launch.

The windows build and install tutorial says nothing about "installing"
built components to make  dynamic linking work, and my simple approach
of copying various *lib* files from Debug*
folders to my c:\bin\ folder seems to allow executables to find the
required .dll 's but I still get
warnings that I'm not getting their debug symbols.

Can anyone explain the missing steps?

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