[sword-devel] Detecting Problem Characters

Michael Hart just_mike_y at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 26 10:37:13 MST 2011

On 9/26/2011 11:46 AM, David Haslam wrote:
> Setting aside all other matters for the moment....
> Did you acquire a printed copy of either edition of The Riverside NT to
> check the authenticity of any digitized text?
I have access to the first edition via facsimile on the Internet Archive at


These are basically photographs of the pages, and I have no reason to 
suspect that someone has interfered with the scanning process of the 
work. To me, this is as good or better than having a printed copy in my 
hands, since it is more likely that someone would sell me a fake 1st 
edition copy than the Archive somehow pulled a fake copy out of a 
library. Is there a reason I need to go find a physical copy?  Should I 
suspect the authenticity of the archive copy, when it is photographic 
and in a funded collection? I do not trust "open source" collections on 
the Archive (they have a copy of "The Bible 2.0"), but this one is a 
funded collection where books were sent to a country with less 
restrictive copyright law (India?) to allow them to be scanned by the 
archive into 'a universal library.'  More recent developments (google 
books and the resulting lawsuit) have changed the project's goals, but 
the existence of the work above created was under this method.



However, you've raised several points I'm working out at the moment.

1. contacting the copyright owner.  Google copyright database lists the 
copyright renewal to Ballentine and heirs so my math has been on 
personal copyright law-- Life + 70 years. I can't find where I recorded 
the original copyright info from, or how I recorded Macmillan as the 
original publisher.  The link above states Houghton Mifflin is the 
publisher and copyright owner.  I have requested a confirmation of this 
from Houghton Mifflin and rights to freely publish if they do own the work.

2. The existence of a 2nd edition. I have no idea which edition I'm 
working on, or how to tell the difference.

3. The lack of any versification in the facsimile first edition. 
(inline, marginal or otherwise). The version I started with is versified 
(HUGE RED FLAG if I have to remove the verses, I may as well be starting 
from the UL copy above.)

The task at hand last week causing this thread was the versification of 
the (yet another bible) HNC, which created similar multi-line 
multi-verse verses that I've seen before. I haven't worked on Riverside 
NT for about a year +/- 6 months, I just remember seeing the same issues 
at the same point while trying to fix quotes that don't display properly.

It turns out that the original problem is my specific click pattern on 
importing my work in progress into Open office.  David Haslam provided a 
summary and verified there were hidden characters at the point the 
problem was occuring.

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