[sword-devel] Detecting Problem Characters

Michael Hart just_mike_y at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 26 08:11:01 MST 2011

> So sad that is, if you can not ascertain who owns the copyright and if
> the copyright is likely still existent (or at least not reliably
> expired) then you can not re-publish the text. We certainly - would not
I completely agree with you. Even though several other and fairly 
reputable publishers (including e-Sword and Logos(?) ) declare this work 
public domain, I've yet to see it is the case.  Regardless of 
reputations, I personally strive to follow the law, and the financial 
liability for publishing a copyrighted work without permission is 
astronomical.   As I've already stated (or maybe implied), my current 
plan is to finish the work and wait for 2018 when it will be without a 
doubt in the public domain (barring any new legislation).

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