[sword-devel] ISV Old Testament

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Sat Sep 17 05:38:32 MST 2011

On 9/17/11 4:52 AM, David Haslam wrote:
> There are two editions of the ISV (for the CadreBible version, at least).
> * The free ISV edition without footnotes or maps
> * The premium ISV edition with footnotes and maps
> Presumably, you have the MS Word file for the free edition only (so far)?

Formerly, there was only one version available (with notes). To not 
include notes, you would have to specifically exclude them or be too 
lazy to do a proper conversion of the text. Now it looks like they have 
taken their Word docs down from the site--I'm not specifically sure why. 
Maybe it just moved, and I don't see it.

> Do you (or does anyone on this list) have direct contact with the webmaster
> for isv.org ?

Sure. There are some email addresses on their website too.

> With several electronic editions being available for more than one platform,
> I find it hard to imagine that they'd have MS Word as their controlled
> electronic source text.

It really is maintained in Word. I guess it made sense at the time they 
started translation, and I'm sure it suits their translation process 
fine. They also have PDFs, of course. ;)


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