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Barry Drake bdrake at crosswire.org
Fri Sep 9 02:42:21 MST 2011

On 08/09/11 22:30, Chris Little wrote:
> Shouldn't it work under VC++ Express? I believe MS got rid of their 
> old `embedded' IDEs a while back and integrated that functionality 
> into standard VC++, which is of course now available in the free 
> `express' flavor.
The latest free versions are for Vista and Win 7 only, so no good to me 
as I only have XP available.  However, I do have the installer on a CD 
for the last XP friendly version (I think it was Embedded 4).  I'm away 
from home now until October.  When I get back, I'll take a look and see 
if I might be able to get anywhere with it.  I might try the up-to-date 
version and see if it will run under Wine - (unlikely).

I can at least make a cab file from the binaries Konstantin sent me.  I 
have a commandline script for making installable cabs from binaries back 
home.  I will be nice to take a look again, but it really needs for 
someone with up-to-date Windows to take it on, and now that I have 
entirely migrated to Ubuntu, I'm never likely to be upgrading.

God bless,        Barry

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