[sword-devel] Ethical trading and Microsoft .....

Barry Drake bdrake at crosswire.org
Tue Sep 6 23:13:06 MST 2011

Hi there ....  I mentioned in an earlier post that I no longer use 
Windows for ethical reasons.  I had attended a lecture by Richard 
Stallman (GNU) and was quite disturbed.  True, Richard is 'over the 
top'.  He is a zealot and an absolutist.  The real world is not ready 
for his degree of idealism.  BUT much of what he says is ultimately right.

Take a look at: http://en.windows7sins.org/  Microsoft has had its 
public moments in the past - the Netscape debacle to name but one, but 
the practices it is using to lock folk into Microsoft is nasty.  
Especially when it entraps young kids!  I'm looking at campaigning 
within the URC to brand Microsoft in the same way we currently brand 
Nescafe - as unethical.

Just wonder what you guys think?

God bless,        Barry.

 From Barry Drake (The Revd) Health and Healing advisor to the East
Midlands Synod of the United Reformed Church.  See
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