[sword-devel] PocketSword for iPad

Nic Carter niccarter at mac.com
Thu Sep 8 18:12:45 MST 2011

Hi team,

Just a quick note to say that CrossWire is finally on the iPad.  :)  PocketSword was released earlier today on the App Store with support for the iPad, along with a few other additions (including the hardcoding of the av11n repo, as I gave up waiting for it to be added to the MasterRepoList)...  :)

changelog: http://crosswire.org/pocketsword/changelog.txt
full changelog: https://bitbucket.org/niccarter/pocketsword/changesets

Quick question regarding the forums:  are we able to change the name of the PocketSword forum to reflect the fact that it also works on the iPad now?  :)

Thanks, ybic
	nic...  :)

Nic Carter
PocketSword Developer - an iPhone Bible Study app
www: http://crosswire.org/pocketsword
iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/app/Pocketsword/id341046078
Twitter: http://twitter.com/pocketsword

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